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IHG Academy provides people with hospitality skills development to unlock opportunities to work in the world's largest hotel company, now and in the future.

Setting up your IHG Academy

1. Setup a Working Group

Set up a working group

Setup a Working Group

The working group will guide and oversee the implementation of the IHG Academy and will be responsible for contact with partners and the engagement of staff and volunteers.

2. Find a Partner

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Identify a community partner

Your partner is the most important component for a successful IHG Academy and the partnership should provide mutual benefits. Your partner can be any local community organization or educational institution that works with people who are looking for skills, training and employment in hospitality.

3. Agree on Objectives

Agree on objectives

Agree the vision, objectives, targets and funding with your partner

A clearly defined vision and objectives keeps the Working Group and partner focused on the right things. Shared targets will ensure that the program stays on track.

4. Provide Work Experience

Offer work experience

Develop a plan including work experience

This is where it gets exciting! Now you have reached the launch of activities with the IHG Academy participants. The minimum requirement for an IHG Academy is to provide participants with work experience and an overview of the benefits of working in an IHG branded hotel,and offer job interview experience.

5. Assess Performance

Asses performance

Performance discussions and recruitment links

A performance discussion helps IHG Academy participants understand what they have done well and what skills they need to work on. Holding a recruitment discussion with each participant helps enhance their job readiness skills.

Hotels are not obliged to offer jobs, but if you have vacancies at your hotel and were impressed by any of the IHG Academy participants then you should feel free to actively recruit them.

Share Success

Asses performance

Share Success

Once you've set up your IHG Academy programme, share your success stories on an ongoing basis so that we can celebrate your achievements.