Aldo Giovanni Medina Solorzano

Hotel Testimonial

Moises Mendoza, General Manager at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Celaya, is a champion of IHG Academy who believes in the positive impact that participants have on the hotel. Moises works hard to assure that IHG Academy programs serve both as an opportunity for colleagues to operate in a leadership capacity, while also enabling participants to learn and grow. "The IHG Academy program is a positive spiral that creates a win-win for the hotel because it infuses a fresh spirit to the environment of the company. The youthful students spread a positive energy that our employees and guests enjoy. This in turn helps our employees to mentor as they also develop new skills and learn from the experience as well. In all, IHG Academy is great because it allows development opportunities for employees while also helping create a deep pool of talented individuals with quality training, high standards and a great approach to hospitality. “ “El programa IHG Academy es una espiral positiva que g

Participant Testimonial

Aldo Giovanni Medina Solorzano was a positive contributor to the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Celaya during his time as an IHG Academy participant, who both learned and assisted in creating a Great Hotel Guests Love. “Having begun my career as an intern, through the University of Celaya’s partnership with Holiday Inn Express & Suites Celaya, I can say the experience has been enriching both personally and professionally. I have learned the true meaning of world class service and teamwork. I am very proud to belong to the world’s largest hotel company as it presents an excellent career option.” “El haber iniciado mi vida laboral como residente de la Universidad de Celaya en Holiday Inn Express & Suites

Partner Information

The University of Celaya is a non-profit university in Mexico that looks to provide their students with a global perspective. The departments of Tourism, Gastronomy and Communications have partnered with the Holiday Inn Express & Suites Celaya in order to provide their students the opportunity with practical, hands-on experience to complement their course of study.

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