Hotel Testimonial

The Holiday Inn Almaty has been cooperating with Almaty College of Services and Technology for approximately 3 years. Every year we offer quite a few work experience opportunities to students from the college. The students are really amazing young people. They love to participate in hotel life and share their ideas with us. Often, we are incredibly busy and don't have enough employees. These interns are always ready to give us a helping hand, and in return we encourage them and present them a certificate and recognition cards that shows how much we appreciate them and are proud of them. When their internships come to end, we pick the best student and hire him. This also motivates others.

Participant Testimonial

Hey there, I'm Madina and for my internship at the Holiday Inn Almaty, I worked in the Laundry department. I learnt how to use professional equipment for ironing, I also worked with various chemicals and now I know which one is more effective to use for different types of cloths, and so many other useful things. I really liked to work with Laundry department, they made me feel comfortable and confident. I hope next time I'll get chance to work in other departments as well. Thanks so much everyone!!

Partner Information

The Holiday Inn Almaty is a very nice place to do an internship. Our students are happy to do their internship there - they say that the atmosphere in Holiday Inn Almaty is always positive and it sets up a good working environment. The Holiday Inn Almaty have conducted training and Cooking Master Classes for our college many times, and we hope to continue this.

Almaty : Holiday Inn

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