Shammi Arora

Hotel Testimonial

This was the first year that Global Internal Audit welcomed an IHG Academy intern to work with us for the Summer - we wanted to provide someone with the opportunity to learn all about IHG, internal audit, and gain some hands on work experience within a corporate office. We saw Shammi really come out of his shell during his 8 week internship, gaining more confidence in a corporate environment and socially with other teams – so much so that he was able to present to the entire team with ease. We also ensured that Shammi learned all about internal audit and other areas of the business that he was interested in – which he says has helped provide more clarity over what career path he will/will not take after University! It’s great to know that, as a department, we’ve been able to make a positive contribution to Shammi’s experiences and career choices, whilst also having someone to help with our workload! We hope to work with Brunel University again next year to offer the same opportunity.

Participant Testimonial

This summer I was lucky enough to work within the audit department as an intern at IHG. The most memorable part of my internship was being involved with the fieldwork section of an audit. I was also involved in several other audit related tasks. For example, compiling a DRA summary, assisting with the Quality Assurance process as well as, updating Team Mate file. I also had the opportunity to network with other departments, for example, Corporate Responsibility and Group Treasury. By doing so, I was able to learn more about how the business operates, both on a financial and social basis. I definitely feel as though my internship has given me a good insight into auditing, and I am grateful for that. It has been an absolute pleasure working for IHG, and I hope that one day I will be able to come back.

Divn Denham : Office

Broadwater Park

Brunel University